What is your relationship to life?

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Do you live in a stressful relationship to life, or one of ease?

I am a yoga teacher, a health coach and, most importantly, on a quest to live as fully and deeply as I can. I am interested in guiding deeply invested seekers and sincere students of yoga to their next level of awakening and evolution. My programs and online courses are designed to help my clients lean into thier growing edges. We do this by honestly assessisng what is blocking us. Accordiong to what I am learning, cellular memory is what stands between where we are in life; mentally, emotionally and physically, and where we want to be.  Cellular memory refers to the patterns we have unconsciously created as coping mechanisms.
Through optimal structural alignment, optimal subtle body awareness, including pranayama and meditation, by learning and commiting to 10 life-changing habits we can completely upgrade the trajectory of our health, aging and day-to-day experiences. My courses are directed toward serious students. You know who you are. You want more from your life because you recognize what a gift your life is. You want more because you remember that you are spirit living in the realm of the senses, clothed in the 5 elements of the material world that gives rise to the 20 gunas (qualities) organized into ten pairs of opposites. You know you are the divine human and your soul is here on this earthly plane to grow, learn and fulfill its potential.
As you release cellular memory, as you learn to optimally live in alignment with yourself, and the world around you, you become an example of a consciously evolved human. This is your most valuable legacy.  
When you are ready to ask for more from life, when you are ready to reclaim your power, when you are ready to wake up, redefine who you want to be and evolve yourself and culture, talk to me.
We are suffering from a cultural dis-ease that neglects the wisdom of our inner guidance and the outer guidance offered by nature’s patterns and rhythms. To evolve culture, we must evolve ourselves. We must lean into our growing edges; we must leave behind a complacent level of comfort and create a new normal.

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