Welcome to your Evolution!

We are wired to follow the evolutionary impulse. It beckons at every turn. It shows up as discontent. It gets our attention with pain if we do not follow.
Yet still we resist!
Following the evolutionary impulse is taking the road less traveled, daring to be more and daring to ask for more. It can be daunting. It takes courage, commitment, support and accountability to travel this road.
It takes desire.

The status quo is easy, but it is not nature’s way and it is not your way, because you are here!
The material world is all about change, patterns and cycles. There is deep order and reason. We live in Nature’s home, we play in Her yard. She has “laws” and we would be very wise to understand and follow them.
The material world is always and never the same. Source is unchanging. From source springs the streaming code, the pairs of opposites, the never ending dynamic dance. We are a part of that dance. To dance well, to live well is to know and perform the “steps” or habits.

Prakritti is the imprint of your perfect birth and your potency. Vikrutti is imbalance seeking balance in a world that is always and never the same. The closer Vikrutti comes to Prakritti the more stasis we have.
An optimal daily routine brings us the stability we seek in this ever changing world.
We are either moving toward optimal structural alignment or away from it, toward optimal health or away from it, toward Nature’s nurturing patterns or away from them.

The consequences are revealed in quality of life, digestion, sleep, fluidity of movement and the degree to which we experience peace, joy and ease in our daily lives.
Knowing and living the 10 habits that make up the foundation for my Yoga Health Coaching programs allow us to come into alignment with what the world/nature has been doing for hundreds of thousands of years to sustain life.
Each habit you embrace, even just a little, brings you more and more into alignment with this big energy.

Small efforts on this path pay off in a big way. It is no different than learning how to align your physical body for asana or any endeavor. Step by step your effort will create ease. This ease will set you free!
When we follow what the big energy is doing life opens up in ways we could have never imagined. To quote Douglas Brooks: "the wonder of the universe is hiding in plain sight".

When you are ready to transform your health, your life and your capacity to make a difference, contact me at jamieomzone@aol.com for your free breakthrough session. Why wait any longer for the life you truly want to begin?